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About Us

Emily's Violins was founded in 2003 by Emily Guo, with offices in China, Korea and USA.  The cornerstone of our business has been our relationship with our customers. That is why Emily's Violins has been working hard throughout the years to make sure clients throughout the region enjoy our services and can take advantage of them no matter where they are.

Our Luthier Supplies, Musical Instruments and Accessories are made for us all over the world.  We buy bowhair from Argentina, China and Canada.  We buy bows from makers in the US and Europe.  We buy musical instruments from manufacturers in China, the US and Europe.  Attention to detail, the highest quality materials and service are our top priorities.  Please contact us for more information.

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Custom Build Octave Mandolin

  Shown here is an example of a custom build octave mandolin.  These instruments are made for our customers in Weifang, Shandong, China. Price will be based on the customize options, shipping and taxes starting at $1,200 each with a minimum order of 5. Customizable Specifications: Custom headstock logo Custom fretboard inlay Custom finish Non-Customizable Specifications: Top: Solid Spruce  Back & Sides: Solid Flamed Maple  Neck: Solid Flamed Maple  Machine head / String: High-grade Germnay / Daddario  Fingerboard: Ebony Bridge: Ebony Hardware:Antiqued Finish: AO Oil finish (Other color available ) Scale length: 20" Length: 17" Width:12 1/4" Deep: 2 3/4"

Bow hair descriptions and prices

  Bow hair descriptions and prices Because of the coronavirus, our suppliers in China have had many problems.  Please ask about current pricing and availability. We are purveyors of fine boutique horse tail hair of exquisite quality, suitable for the best bows played by the most talented musicians.  We do not take our responsibility lightly!  We do not sell these products to just anybody.  They are exclusive, expensive, and hard to come by.   We buy our bow hair direct from the farmers and farm managers.  We do not go through a third party.  We buy directly from the farmers and farm managers ourselves.  We visit them in person every two years.  This is taxing and expensive work and we are a small company.   In addition to providing our bow hair in 500kg bundles, we can provide hanks in individual baggies for an additional fee.   Please  contact  us to inquire about pricing.  WHY OUR BOW HAIR IS DIFFERENT Why is our bow hair different from our competitors? We visit our suppliers in pers

Custom Mandolin Options

Each mandolin can be made with different scale length/ frets from mandolin to mandola, Octave mandolin, mandocello, mandobass, and different wood material for customized choice, from Plywood, to Solid wood, Solid Flamed maple wood. Grades available: A, AA, AAA, AAAA    Mandolin Options: Headstock : we can customize  shape, with your logo, inlay in headstock Fingerboard inlay : customized design shape, material optional: mother of pearl, abalone. Top : Solid Spruce / Solid Maple / Solid Mahogany / Spruce Plywood / Mahogany Plywood Top Veneer : Flamed Maple top / Quilted Maple top / Spalted maple top Back & Sides : Solid Flamed maple / Solid Maple / Solid Mahogany / Flamed Maple Plywood / Maple Plywood / Mahogany Plywood /Sapele Plywood Neck : Solid Flamed maple / Maple / Mahogany /  Fingerboard : Rosewood / Ebony  Bridge : Rosewood / Ebony  Hardware : Chrome/Archaized Finish : hand Oil/Matte/Gloss, customized design Minimum order: 6pcs/model for solid wood mandolin